It all started a few years ago when we started offering our own adventure Stand Up Paddle tours willing to show you the most spectacular places in Catalonia from an original point of view.

Over time we have been adding the experiences offered by other enthusiasts with whom we share the passion to offer a warm service with a personal touch turning the adventures into real active experiences.

We are very proud to have grown faithful to our philosophy. An element that differentiates us from the rest of agencies and tour operators and assures you an authentic day in contact with the best of our natural spaces and culture


My name is Gerardo Rossini and Dolmen Aventures is my dream to offer to lovers of active travel, nature and culture of destinations a series of experiences and unique activities around Barcelona and inland Catalonia.


I am myself a lover of freely discovering new destinations actively and experiencing all their sensory potential in the simplest way possible and I wish to share it with you on each of our experiences. Expect to find yourself enjoying a picnic in the middle of nature, or zipping a glass of wine with panoramic postcard views, or tasting a seasonal mushroom dish in a small restaurant lost in the woods. And to get to these places we will ride a bike, do some Stand Up Paddling or walk along paths avoiding the crowds opening our way for the next adventure.

We could not imagine a better way to travel than doing it with all five senses, capturing every single detail around us, connecting with the world to create long-lasting vivid memories; something impossible to mimic immersed in the bustle of a car,  or behind the window of a train, not to mention a tour bus. Add the satisfaction of doing it under your own power and you will have discovered what active travel is all about. Yes, we do create authentic tours and holidays in Catalonia that you could not do on your own,  through carefully selected destinations, in the company of excellent leaders, avoiding the crowds, and enjoying the best experiences every site has to offer. Although, what characterizes us is that we design itineraries thinking in small and in the simplest way to create superb and unforgettable moments.


Phone us:

(+34) 606.165.165

Monday - Sunday: 9am - 8pm

(Spain UTC+2)

| Gerardo Rossini,Experience Designer


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