Hiking the balcony of Garraf Natural Park.

Hiking the balcony of Garraf Natural Park.

The Garraf Natural Park offers spectacular panoramic views of the Mediterranean. We will take you hiking (walking on the mountain) to the shores of the Garraf Natural Park to enjoy one of the most beautiful spot in the park.
  • Duración Total: 3 horas

    Duración senderismo: 2 horas

    Distancia: 3 kilómetros.

    Demanda física: Baja

    Terreno: El sendero tiene raíces, rocas sueltas y algunos pasos altos.


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We could not imagine a better way to travel than doing it with all five senses, capturing every single detail around us, connecting with the world to create long-lasting vivid memories; something impossible to mimic immersed in the bustle of a car,  or behind the window of a train, not to mention a tour bus. Add the satisfaction of doing it under your own power and you will have discovered what active travel is all about. Yes, we do create authentic tours and holidays in Catalonia that you could not do on your own,  through carefully selected destinations, in the company of excellent leaders, avoiding the crowds, and enjoying the best experiences every site has to offer. Although, what characterizes us is that we design itineraries thinking in small and in the simplest way to create superb and unforgettable moments.


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| Gerardo Rossini,Experience Designer


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