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WHY choose us for your next experience?

Freedom ... Engagement with the environment ... Inspiration ... Wow! ... Hope it never ends... is what we hear from our adventurers throughout the action. And it is precisely what we prioritize when we carefully design each of the experiences we present to you.



At Dolmen Adventures, actively experiencing means discovering a destination and its culture by paddling on water mirrors, pedaling between medieval villages, or walking in the mountain on paths full of magic, among other proposals.


What we like the most is being able to include everyone in this fascinating way of discovering spectacular destinations. For this, we adjust the active part of the experiences to your physical capacity or technical skills for you to enjoy at your own rhythm!


All this without barriers between you and the environment that surrounds you to delight all your five senses and deeply enjoy every moment of the experience.

Words from: 

Gerardo Rossini - Trip Designer and Guide

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Are you new to active travel?


  • Active travelers are looking for far more than a massive and commercial activity. They seek to know the interior of a country, with its landscapes, its people, customs and gastronomy under their own power, traveling not just by the eyes, but with all five senses.

  • At Dolmen Adventures we give character to the itineraries visiting the most spectacular natural spaces searching to be in close contact with nature and an intimate approach to local living.

  • We design the itineraries thinking in small, and in the easiest way to create superb and unforgettable tours and holidays.

  • We provide top-notch gear for the action and take care of all logistics to make of your time a rewarding and enjoyable experience independently of your ability or expertise on the given activity.

  • For all these, we rely on our team of expert leaders who have the ability to make any moment far more special with the right treatment at the right moment. They are at all times with you to help you through the toughest moments and to compensate for the effort.


And all this, just because we are lovers of what we do and wish to share this each time more popular way of travelling. We have been doing it for years ourselves and are passionate for showing all we know and are eager to hear your stories during break times.

If your were in doubt...


  • During holidays we encourage the use of local public transportation whenever posible.

  • Reduce, reuse, and recycle.

  • We visit protected areas to contribute with the organisation in charge.

  • We provide business opportunities to local people.

  • Maximum group size depends on the visited area to avoid negative impacts.

  • We prefer whenever possible locally owned, small hotels.

  • Tour leaders receive training in low impact behaviour.

  • We encourage suppliers to improve their environmental standards.

  • We do not work with suppliers that are not in line with our standards.


Ready now?


We could not imagine a better way to travel than doing it with all five senses, capturing every single detail around us, connecting with the world to create long-lasting vivid memories; something impossible to mimic immersed in the bustle of a car,  or behind the window of a train, not to mention a tour bus. Add the satisfaction of doing it under your own power and you will have discovered what active travel is all about. Yes, we do create authentic tours and holidays in Catalonia that you could not do on your own,  through carefully selected destinations, in the company of excellent leaders, avoiding the crowds, and enjoying the best experiences every site has to offer. Although, what characterizes us is that we design itineraries thinking in small and in the simplest way to create superb and unforgettable moments.


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| Gerardo Rossini,Experience Designer


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