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Kitesurf Lessons in Castelldefels, Barcelona


Basic Course 10 hs: 400€​​

A kitesurf course designed for those non-experienced persons to learn to handle the kite and stand up on the board to start sailing.

A 2.5hr. Lesson: 120€ 

This kitesurf lesson is ideal for those who have previous experience and wish to complete the basic course.


1 Private Lesson of 2hs: 150€ 

Learn kitesurfing from scratch or improve on something very specific with personalized attention of an instructor all for yourself.


Monday through Sunday 

Mornings and afternoons holidays included.


The Price Includes

  • Transportation in our surf van from anywhere in Castelldefels to the site of the lesson on the beach of Castelldefels.

  • Kitesurf instructor with extensive experience.

  • Video-correction so that you can see your maneuvers calmly from the sofa in your house and assimilate what has been taught.

  • All the necessary personal equipment: Helmet, Vest, Neoprene for summer or winter. Everything in perfect condition.

  • All the necessary Technical Equipment: Brand new Kites, very easy to handle and large, stable kiteboards to facilitate learning. Harness and Leash.


Location of THE lessons

We are based in Castelldefels beach because it is simply the best beach for kitesurfing near Barcelona. Steady southwest winds, shallow water, flat seas, plenty of space and warm temperatures even on winter make it the best kitesurf spot in Catalonia. 

When the wind is quiet in Castelldefels we go to Sant Pere Pescador in Gerona with South-East wind forecasts. We organize the trip days in advance and offer you the possibility to take in our van students and ex-students who want to join the adventure.

When the wind blows from the east Sitges or Vilanova are good kitesurfing spots.

Meet your Instructors

Gerardo Rossini
instructor de kite.jpg
Bernardo Baqueiro
At the beach in Castelldefels

If you are lodged in Castelldefels, we will pick you up at your accommodation.

If you are coming from Barcelona or Sitges by train the meeting point for departure is Cafe 2112 in front of Castelldefels Beach Train Station, R2 Line.


We will use this information only to contact you and organize your first kite lesson.


The way we like to do it

We only do the lessons in private (1 to 1) and semi-private (2 to 1) because experience tells us that it is how students make the most of their time. 

It usually takes a beginner between 8 and 10 hours to get ready to continue practicing on their own. The objective of Basic Kitesurf Course is for the student to independently control the kite on the air, the WaterStart technique to stand up on the board and start sailing.


We believe that at this point it is convenient to give the student the freedom to choose between: A) continuing with lessons or B) venturing with the safety of knowledge to practice on their own until they can sail fluently. It does not take many more hours. Normally in another 20 hours of practice, you learn on your own to go and come back to the beach without falling.

You should bring:

  • Coat for the lessons on the sand. With the wind, after a while, it gets cold on the beach.

  • Swimming trunks (even in winter for use under neoprene)

  • Towel

  • Waterproof sunscreen (we sell if you forget it or can not find a waterproof one). It is important that it does not get into your eyes.

Is kiteboarding adequate for me?

As extreme as kitesurfing seems, it really only takes an average physical condition to be able to practice it.

We adapt our teaching techniques to the way you learn best and we have picked adequate gear so that you learn quickly regardless of your previous experience with water sports. If you're thinking about it, we would say kitesurfing is probably for you ;-)


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